Our Story


Siraj Lighting Company was founded in 1998 to meet the high expectations of local and international clients, since then we have been the leading representative in Egypt of the most lighting companies in the world.


Ever since it was established, it has been leading the Architectural Lighting Market. We are following the Internal Lighting Standards and are dealing with more than 30 International Lighting Companies. Siraj Lighting Company is well known with its outstanding services all over Egypt.

Our Vision

Growth is relative, some believe that Growth in the Human Capital is the real meaning, others believe that Growth in overhead is what actually counts; we believe that establishing a balancing equation between both of them is the key; The key to success and to growth.

Therefore cultivating and nurturing a new generation of Lighting Engineers gathering both strong Lighting Expertise plus Good Leadership skills, is our main objective to reach our market differentiation and promising career plans for our employees.

Our Mission

We are committed to our social responsibility in employing and developing new talents, procuring opportunities to newly grads and helping them reach their career aspirations. Our aim is to promote the Lighting industry as an Art science that only the passionate and determined could follow and excel in.


We believe that your trust is earned and is not for granted.


We take care of the small details, because they are what matter the most.


When it comes to your satisfaction, we move in one direction, forward.


We deliver on our promises or move mountains trying.


We paint with light on your eyes canvas.

Team work

You are the maestro in our orchestra.

Business Goals and Objectives

Our three objectives are interdependent on each other and they can be summed as follows: Drive market excellence through high standards of end delivery and accountability to see the project in hand through to completion. This, in turn, will help us in becoming the number one sought after lighting solutions in the region, therefore, increasing our market share reflecting positively on our numbers.


ISO 9001:2015
We have the privilege of obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 which is directly concerned with meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction at the highest levels.

ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate

Scope of Work

Our company is committed to provide customers with the added value experience in a professional manner needs, by providing optimum lighting services from design to after sales.


A channel to display the latest in lighting industry, alongside demonstrating a wide collection of architectural, decorative, indoor and outdoor lighting applications with the latest technology and different systems following the international lighting standards.

Design Studio

We use integrated lighting solutions to turn conceptual ideas into unique designs.
We develop mock-up simulations, lux studies, lighting fixtures distribution and calculate power consumption; alongside the practical considerations of the project’s costs and the sustainability of the design.


We guarantee our clients proper fixation method and the least time through our in-house installation team

Technical Support in Lighting Expertise

Our technical support and specifications team are always on to support the clients’ technical needs and assist them with special care, we are able to provide our customers with customized packages of services in an attempt to maintain long term relation, offering value engineering specifications and an integrated and complete service; starting from the planning stage till the final handover phase for any project.

After Sales Services

We offer Warranty ranging from 1-5 years subject to the warranty period established by the manufacturer. We offer maintenance contracts as well to assure the efficient performance of the luminaries.

Business Units & Lighting Applications

Architectural Lighting

Interior Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Healthcare Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Façade Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Industrial & Corporate Lighting

Underwater Lighting

Street Lighting

Stadiums Lighting

Retail & Hospitality Lighting

Museums & Theaters Lighting

Commercial & Shopping Centers Lighting

Residential Lighting

Lighting Controls & Automation

Emergency Lighting

Site Furnishing

Anti-vandalism Products

Custom-Made Products

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