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Siraj Lighting Company is at the center when it comes to the lighting shows and seminars we believe those act as a hub that connects the Egyptian and the international contractors, consultants and developers with the latest in lighting technologies ensuring keeping far ahead of competition.

We have initiated several lighting seminars and workshops to increase products awareness and offer lighting educational sessions. In some activities, we invite our clients to be part of the talk.

As part of the ongoing practices for self-improvement Siraj has participated in several trainings;
both internal and external.

We, Siraj Lighting aim to bridge the gap between practical and academic studies by sponsoring training programs such as University to Work initiative in collaboration with ECG, PCE Academy lead engineer diploma & expert graduate diploma programs and giving lectures at different universities.

Our main target is to acquire a proactive role in such activities and to develop technical training sessions in lighting expertise to provide the highest level of education to the youngest generation, assuring the importance of these activities and contributions towards the society in the purpose of integrating the role of universities, private sectors and community institutions in providing the market with a high-quality and efficient professional education and skills development in accordance with the national Egyptian goals and priorities

On January 26th 2020, Siraj Lighting launched its First International Lighting Conference in Cairo (ILCC) bringing together top worldwide lighting manufactures, lighting designers, local developers, contractors, mechanical and electrical consultants, interior designers, outdoor & landscape designers and official entities.

The initiative came as a purpose to emphasis the role of smart lighting solutions, and its impact on project’s construction and the importance of providing the Egyptian market with high-quality and efficient lighting solutions aiming to come up with the best solutions for the market.

In a glamorous night, We, Siraj Lighting celebrated our 20th Anniversary of providing excellent service in the lighting industry and being the market leader for the past 20 years.

The celebration was held on January 27th, 2020 at The Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel, bringing our business partners, clients and company staff altogether to enjoy this remarkable moment of success.

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