Why Siraj?

We value people and we believe they are the real asset to our organization; the human capital is always the generator of any business and it is the force that keeps companies going and growing in any field. Our structure has been a great model to our business and many other organizations in the field, we were the first to promote Lighting Education and expertise within our network of Clients / consultants, we are always keen to keep this initiative going to teach new generations how Lighting really works.

Our Vision

Growth is relative, some believe that Growth in the Human Capital is the real meaning, others believe that Growth in overhead is what actually counts; we believe that establishing a balancing equation between both of them is the key; The key to success and to growth.

Therefore cultivating and nurturing a new generation of Lighting Engineers gathering both strong Lighting Expertise plus Good Leadership skills, is our main objective to reach our market differentiation and promising career plans for our employees.

Our Mission

We are committed to our social responsibility in employing and developing new talents, procuring opportunities to newly grads and helping them reach their career aspirations. Our aim is to promote the Lighting industry as an Art science that only the passionate and determined could follow and excel in.

Loyalty & Commitment

We share a family spirit, being loyal to one another, to our clients and to our candidates, we treat others the way we like to be treated.


We praise creativity and encourage innovative approaches to always achieve unique and excellent outcomes.


We believe in people and education, we always work on enhancing knowledge, skills and performance, we have a great team that grows every day with the company.

Healthy Atmosphere

We preach healthy competition and promoting harmony within our teams, our atmosphere is our key strength.

Transparency & Integrity

We are transparent, clear and direct, we share an open communication channel within and we believe that honesty and integrity always shortens the way and helps us achieve our goals better.

Life at Siraj

At Siraj Lighting, you will find a company as focused on its internal culture as it is on its external reputation. With its emphasis on “ownership & dedication”, our culture allows each colleague to discover career success while they drive positive change and results. This Culture highlights accountability and leadership, growth and learning, opportunity and innovation.

We offer formal training options, individualized development programs, tools for 360-degree feedback, assessment & development centers, personalized mentorship, networking, stretch assignments and growth opportunities. Our company presents a variety of resources to apply your skills and passion and create fulfilling opportunities for your career. We invest in our people and our people have proved to be the greatest return on investment.

Despite of all the demanding business needs we have all year long, we always make time for fun and we try to involve our employees in entertaining yet purposeful activities, such as:


  • Siraj lighting keeps developing and investing in the people since they are the company asset, sharing opinions and collaboration between team players to reach the best results. Siraj lighting is solution provider which help clients to realize their dream and visualizations in their projects.

    Shady Abdel Salam Technical Manager
  • With Siraj Lighting you feel like being a part of something that makes you proud everyday through our daily accomplishments &definitely gaining more experience every single day

    Aya Ahmed Procurement Manager
  • Management support and trust was beyond expectations from my first day. I am grateful that Siraj Lighting supported me to pursue my new career path, which I really like. On a personal level, I feel Siraj Lighting is like my second home where I have my friends and family altogether in one place

    Asma Samir Foreign Accounts and PR Executive
  • I feel like Siraj Lighting isn’t just a company; but a warm home. You get to experience working with one big family that helps you grow, and not to mention how lucky we all are to get to work with such an amazing mentor and leader such as Mr. Nabil Youssef

    Layali Al Attar MD Executive Assistant
  • My love for Siraj has been built for over 18 years of service with them and my loyalty is because of the job security and comfort of working with my colleagues who are my family

    Shaimaa Mohamed Front Office Supervisor
  • Everyone is supportive and always willing to provide their help and experience to accomplish our goals.”

    Marina Samir Bidding Executive

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